Department of Mathematics, POSTECH


Event 2016 Fall Math Colloquium
Date 2016/09/09~2016/12/09
Place Room 404, Mathematical Science Building, POSTECH


Time: Friday, Part I 3:50~4:40 PM (Students only)
Part II 5:10~6:00 PM
Sponsored by: PMI, IBS

Contact: Mathematics department office (054) 279-3812

2016-09-09 Kunwoo Kim(POSTECH)
Title: Stochastic PDEs and its properties

2016-09-23 Sung Yeon Kim(KIAS)
Title: CR geometry and bounded symmetric domains

2016-09-30 Hyungju Park(NIMS/Ajou University)
TItle: Many faces of mathematics in Korea, the present and the future

2016-10-07 Jae Kyoung Kim(KAIST)
Title I: Examples of biological puzzles solved by mathematics.
Title II: On the process of mathematical modeling to solve biological puzzles.

2016-10-14 Jeong Han Kim(KIAS)
TItle: How many random triangles must be added to make random graphs not random?

2016-11-11 Sijong Kwak(KAIST)
Title: Graded Betti Numbers and Geometry of Projective Varieties

2016-11-18 Il Bong Jung(KIAS)
TItle I: Moment problems and operators
Title II: On weighted shifts on directed trees

2016-11-25 Kyewon Koh(KIAS)
Title: Complexities of dynamical systems

2016-12-09 Seung-Ki Min, Jong-Seong Kug(POSTECH)
Title I: Climate change: finding evidences and causes
Title II: Mathematical Approach for climate change studies