Department of Mathematics, POSTECH


Event Spring 2015 POSTECH Math Colloquium
Date 2015/03/13~2015/06/06
Place Room 404, Mathematical Science Building, POSTECH


Time: Friday, Part I 3:50~4:40 PM(Students only) Part II 5:10~6:00 PM
Sponsored by : POSTECH BK21 Plus Mathematics, PMI, IBS
Contact : Mathematics department office(054)279-3812

Date Speakers/ Titles
March 13 Jean-Pierre Serre (College De France)
(4:00pm) Linear Representations of Finite Groups: a Review

March 20 Hyungju Park (POSTECH)
Algebraic geometry and wavelet construction

April 3 Jun-Muk Hwang (KIAS)
Webs of algebraic curves

April 17 R. Michael Range (Albany Univ.)
Pseudo convexity: What is it, and why is it central to Complex Analysis?

May 1 Don Bernard Zagier(MPI, Bonn)
I: The zeta function of Euler and Riemann
II: Multiple zeta values: from Euler to string theory

May 29 Jeehoon Kim (POSTECH)
Investigation of unconventional superconductivity and magnetism by magnetic force microscopy

June 5 DongHo Chae (Chung-Ang Univ.)
Liouvillle type and unique continuation theorems in the fluid mechanics