Department of Mathematics, POSTECH


Event 2015 Seoul Workshop on Complex Geometry and Analysis
Date 2015/07/21~2015/07/24
Place Seoul National University (Dept. of Mathematical Sciences), Seoul, Korea


Principal Lecturer

-Takeo Ohsawa (Nagoya University) ( 5 lectures )

Invited Speakers

-Taeyong Ahn (POSTECH)

-Tsz On Mario Chan (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)

-Young-Jun Choi (KIAS)

-Robert Xin Dong (Nagoya University)

-Pham Hoang Hiep (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology)

-Genki Hosono (University of Tokyo)

-Takayuki Koike (University of Tokyo)

-Long Li (McMaster University)

-Alexander Rashkovskii (University of Stavanger)

Organizer: Dano Kim (Seoul National University)
Sponsored by National Research Foundation of Korea and GAIA (Center for Geometry and its Applications)